Ep 4_ Actionable Learning

How do you keep your course focused? How do you keep your learners from getting overwhelmed? This episode dives in to how to use learning outcomes to keep your content intentional and actionable.

Learning outcomes help you stay intentional and focused

My challenge for you is to pick a course that you have (or an ebook or workshop, etc) and create learning outcomes.

 I want you to ask yourself, what are the key actions that my learner needs to be able to take in order to be able to get to the transformation I’m promising them as part of my goal statement.

And to help you do that…

What I’ve done is put together a one-page, giant list of verbs to inspire you when you’re writing your learning outcomes. This giant list of action words will help you hone in on what the action is. 

Once you have your learning outcomes, I want you to do 2 things

1) First of all, I want you to look at your learning experience and give yourself a rating from one to 10 and ask yourself with these learning outcomes in mind, how intentional am I being about everything that is part of this learning experience? How focused is this learning experience and how accessible is the learning experience? Using the Course Wellness Wheel, add your ratings under Content.

2) The second thing I want you to do is share your learning outcomes with me. So my favourite place to hang out is Instagram. You can find me there @modernleadersco or you can tag me (#coursewellness). I love to answer any questions you may have and most importantly, I just love see what you’re working on.

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